.THESHHHOP/ is a digital platform that turns the brand’s sales network into a virtual global store where the online shop and the stores merge into a single service.

BUY NEARBY is our claim. The shopping experience becomes more and more responsible: buying online drawing from the stocks of a physical store allows you to preserve the heritage of stores that animate the streets of our cities. It allows also to save the resources of warehouse, production and distribution of traditional e-commerce.

Thanks to geolocation, the user will find the product he is looking for in the nearest store. Then he can choose between home delivery or in-store collection.
The customer care, managed directly from the companies and the shops, will create a direct relationship between distributors and customers. So, they will have quick resolutions of every problem, and proper answers to all the questions.

.THESHHHOP/ allows small shops and independent brands to access the opportunities of online sales, without the costs of dedicated site and warehouse.

The online protecting the offline, this is the revolution of .THESHHHOP/.